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The cryptocurrency exchange of trust for individual and institutional traders and investors.

Ticker: ETH

Algorithm: Proof-of-Work

Maximum Supply: unlimited

Circulating Supply: 104 663 863 ETH (as of 2019/02/01, 11:00 AM UTC+1)

Ethereum is a digital asset (ether) and a peer-to-peer network with its own Turing complete programming language. It allows users to create « smart-contracts » which are only executed if a certain set of conditions is fulfilled. This execution environment is also dedicated to the development of Decentralized Applications (dApps) that can be built and designed with their own set of rules within the platform. Moreover, the network allows to create specific digital assets - tokens - directly tied to dApps’ operation. From debt (or promises) settlement or will execution, to market creation, Ethereum offers a programming environment that anyone can use to build their application - and benefit from the Ethereum blockchain decentralized features.

The Ethereum Blockchain records all transactions and smart-contracts created on the platform, miners validate transactions and generate new blocks (every 10 to 15 seconds). This network was launched in August 2014 by the Swiss-based Ethereum foundation following an ether pre-sale, raising 3700 bitcoins for 7.2 millions ethers. Unlike Bitcoin, the creator’s identity is known by everyone: Vitalik Buterin, a young talented developer who used to work on Bitcoin.

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The cryptocurrency exchange of trust for individual and institutional traders and investors.

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