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UCO Token

The cryptocurrency exchange of trust for individual and institutional traders and investors.

Ticker: UCO

Type: ERC-20 Token, utility token

Circulating supply: 120,000,000 (July 29th, 2020)

UCO Token Contract Number: 0x8a3d77e9d6968b780564936d15B09805827C21fa

Whitepaper: click here

The UCO Token (currently ERC20 standard) is destined to become the fuel of the ARCH blockchain. This protocol is designed by Uniris to power decentralized identity projects.

What is decentralized identity?

In the past few years, the term “decentralized identity” has greatly gained in popularity. It can be explained by the recently intensified lack of trust individuals are experiencing against the centralized storage and misuse of their personal information.

Instead of storing data at a single location and thus creating an opportunity for a Single Point of Failure, a hack or an immoral misuse, decentralized identity enables its users to issue, encrypt and use their identity attributes (e.g. name, age or nationality - they are called DIDs: Decentralized Identifiers) as a proof of identity or a mean of authentication, based on the blockchain technology.

In other words, decentralized identity – made possible by the decentralized nature of blockchain and the trust created by consensus algorithms – gives back the right to control and protect personal information to individuals.

What makes Uniris different?

As a consequence, we have seen more and more projects involving decentralized identity arising in the crypto-sphere. And sometimes, it can be difficult to identify the most reliable ones.

Based on years of research and a dozen of patents, Uniris overcame one of the biggest challenges related to Digital Identity - ensuring both data immutability and integrity by bringing blockchain and biometry together. This allowed them to work on diversified use-cases and conduct numerous Proof of Concepts, including one in collaboration with the prestigious Olympic Games 2024 committee.

How does it work ?

Over the years, Uniris has developed its own efficient protocol “ARCH” in terms of scalability, performance and energy based on an "enhanced" Proof of Work.

- Consensus occurs between nodes with diverse pre-established roles: reception, coordination, counter-validation and storage...
- Among other things, the particularity of their technology lies in the identification of individuals through biometry, guaranteeing data integrity.

Learn more by reading their yellow paper

First listing on

As always, at and Paymium, we commit to carefully select and list tokens from promising projects we believe in, and are really excited about the Uniris token listing, as it means to support an innovative actor from the French crypto-sphere.

The cryptocurrency exchange of trust for individual and institutional traders and investors.

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