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The cryptocurrency exchange of trust for individual and institutional traders and investors.

Following the introduction of our Chief Technology Officer Dominique Rodrigues, we’d like to further introduce some of our dear colleagues working alongside him in the tech team.

Samuel, Romain, Anthony and Emmanuel have been hard at work over the last few months to ensure that our users experience the very best in cryptocurrency trading come December.

We sat down with each team member to discuss their background, what attracted them to the (BCIO) project, an interesting experience they’ve had during development and what they are most looking forward to.

Samuel — Mobile Developer

Sam has been working with mobile technology and applications for over 5 years. Starting with hybrid apps and then shifting to native apps, he became a much sought-after developer due to the diversity of his background, effectively making him a mobile app jack-of-all-trades.

What attracted you to BCIO?
I liked the idea of learning more about blockchain. I see a big opportunity in mobile apps for the technology, and I think this is one of the three most important technologies today along with AI and nanotechnology for quantum computing. It was also great to have the opportunity to be a part of a team that knew so much more about blockchain than I knew. I’ve learned so much from them.

What’s been an interesting experience along the way?
In our mobile apps, we’ve designed everything from scratch since I came on board, starting over from what they had before. Everyone has had confidence in my work and I’ve been able to use my imagination to assist with designs.

What do you look forward to most?
Nowadays, I look forward to the ICO project being successful with people coming from all over to trade on our exchange. I’m glad to be a part of a team changing how people exchange on the market, and, eventually, even how they make purchases in their daily lives.

Romain — Blockchain Specialist

Romain has managed teams in mobile web applications as well as information systems for the past five years. Hearing of the work Paymium was embarking on to create, he was quick to jump on the opportunity to play a part in its development.

What attracted you to the project?
I immediately saw that this was an ICO that was serious. It was the chance to produce an exchange in France, which would create real technical interest by having multiple cryptocurrencies available for trade. This was very attractive. What convinced me that this was something big was coming on board and working with a great team with lots of experience.

What’s been particularly interesting to you?
For me, Pierre Noizat’s vision was impressive, along with the dynamism of Pierre Tavernier and his approach to marketing to improve our communications.

What do you look forward to?
There’s a consensus among us all that the end goal is to have an extremely attractive and well-functioning exchange. I think we’re all just looking forward to the day when we truly get to see it in use after months of development.

Anthony — Full-Stack Developer

Anthony is a web & mobile developer with a decade of experience over three countries, working in San Francisco, London and now Paris. His background includes algorithmic development in trading and semantic analysis.

What attracted you to the project?
Cryptocurrency was interesting to me, especially doing an exchange platform. To work in crypto demands having new techniques simply because it itself is a new technology. You have to have true competence in this.

Have there been any interesting challenges along the way that you could recount?
It’s a challenge making a platform that is satisfying for the user. The performance is most important. Certain platforms have reached this, and it took a lot of work for us to get to this point. We’ll be ready to roll this out with pride.

What do you look forward to?
I look forward to getting over all the hurdles to see this thing in action, so that we can see how this will function in real time and with real users. Testing and trials are only a part of the whole experience. The official launch is what really matters.

Emmanuel — DevOps

Emmanuel had a comprehensive educational experience, studying information technology in development and network administration while focusing on systems administration. He then spent several years managing websites for clients, working for a startup that analyzed the content of influencers, and also working with cloud technology. He caught wind of the BCIO project this year and gladly came aboard.

What did you find most attractive about BCIO?
What was interesting to me was a small company in the process of launching something big. To have the ability to do all the architecture and to design and put into place the platform was very attractive to me. In smaller companies, it’s easier to make technical choices and change things, but I think this is more difficult in larger companies because you have to do plenty of meetings to convince everyone who makes the decisions just to adjust the slightest thing. There is not a big hierarchy here, just a cohesive team.

What have you found to be interesting?
Again, as a smaller team, we are always speaking together and staying up to speed on the project. We know what we did yesterday and what we will do today. This is motivating because I know what to do and what is expected of me. It’s not like a big boss is giving direction from the top down, or like 50 persons are all giving suggestions over several days. We can leave each other to our expertise, and we’re ultimately working together for a common goal.

What are you looking forward to?
I can’t wait for everything to start and to see the launch. I’m looking forward to the results and for users to have the experience and see how everything functions. You really want to see what people think of it and how they interact when you’re a developer.

Stay tuned as we introduce our marketing team in our next upcoming article! We want to connect our community to the men and women working hard every day behind the scenes to help create a crypto trading experience like no other.

Trade on!

The team

The cryptocurrency exchange of trust for individual and institutional traders and investors.

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