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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is is a new cryptocurrency exchange for trading cryptocurrencies that also offers a platform to launch and participate in ICOs. also provides advisory services to companies launching these ICOs.
  • Who is the founder and CEO of
    The CEO and founder of is Pierre Noizat. As a pioneer for the Bitcoin protocol in France, Pierre has worked on cryptographic related projects since the 90s, most notably with DirecTV, Canal+, and Orange.
    Pierre also founded Paymium, one of the first Euro to Bitcoin crypto exchanges in 2011. He also co-founded Association Bitcoin France and has penned numerous books on the subject of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. He has presented and spoken at the Bitcoin SuperConference in Dallas, Bitcoin Conferences in San José and Amsterdam, as well as Vivatech in Paris.
  • What first attracted Pierre Noizat to blockchain technology?
    Pierre has been professionally involved in cryptography as an engineer since 1992, when he was working on television projects in the US with DirecTV and RTL and Canal+ in Europe. So, it was only natural that Pierre later found and became interested and passionate in blockchain technology through his experience in the field of cryptography. This interest and passion of his would see him launching one of the first Bitcoin exchanges in the world in 2011.
  • What is Paymium?
    Paymium is the first European platform for buying and selling bitcoins that offers a fully-compliant service under European regulations. Paymium provides a secure and reliable environment where users can purchase, sell, and store bitcoins safely.
    Europeans seeking to buy Bitcoin with Euros are able to do so, and from here they may withdraw their Bitcoin to trade for other cryptocurrencies.
    Paymium currently serves 170,000 users who are registered on the marketplace.
  • Which investors have invested into Paymium?
    Since inception, Paymium has raised 2 million Euros from investment funds such as Xavier Niel (Kima Ventures), Newfund, Galitt, BPI France and a group of angel investors to help support its development in Europe and strengthen R&D efforts.
  • What’s the difference between Paymium and is dedicated to the exchange of cryptocurrencies for cryptocurrencies, while Paymium offers the opportunity to exchange fiat currencies for Bitcoin. The Euro is currently available to be traded against Bitcoin with USD, JPY and other fiat currencies soon to follow.
  • Why aren’t "altcoin" pairs listed on Paymium?
    Paymium is fully compliant under European regulations and as such, there are restrictions as to what cryptocurrencies are available to be bought through Paymium’s platform. However, as does not trade fiat currencies, there is more leeway as to what can be listed and we may register new customers on under more flexible rules without being limited by traditional banking systems and processes.
    For example, accounts can be opened on using just an ID and a selfie, whereas for Paymium, the bank requires the proof of address for a user that is less than three months old.
  • Exchanges have widely differing policies on the addition of altcoins to their platforms. What is yours?
    We will apply a simple criteria to determine which token will be prioritized for listing on our exchange. These will include factors such as customer opinions, a strong team of developers, and the availability of reliable wallets for the token. Tokens that could pose a security problem for customers or the platform will be excluded from being listed.
  • Which currencies can be exchanged on Paymium?
    Until now, Paymium has focused on the European market and thus only EUR to BTC is available to be traded on the exchange. New currencies will soon be available to trade against Bitcoin including USD, JPY, etc.
  • Will it be possible to make transfers between Paymium and
    Yes, Bitcoins can be transferred between the two platforms seamlessly without fees!
  • Why should I choose
    In today's crypto market, there is space for everyone. The market is still in a stage of infancy and has great potential to grow with even more room for competing exchanges. Our primary differentiating factor is in our strict regulatory compliance to operate within the crypto sector.
    Another reason to choose is that Paymium has the best security track record of all crypto-exchange platforms. Paymium has been hack-free since 2013. Paymium’s security measures, protocols, and technology will be made available to investors who trade on the exchange.
  • Which cryptocurrencies can be exchanged on
    Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, to begin with, with other altcoins to be added on down the line in 2019.
  • Will it also be possible to exchange tokens?
    Yes, will select legitimate and reliable projects to list their tokens on our platform. Following a successful ICO campaign through, tokens will be listed on our platform. Token listing will guarantee liquidity for the token and for the project’s sponsors and investors.
  • How will ICOs be selected to be listed as a token?
    Token projects will be vetted by staff with tokens that qualify for a potential listing being submitted to a vote from the community to decide what tokens may get listed.
    Tokens approved by the community through a vote will undergo an audit using the following criteria: Legal compliance of the project, team background and experience, company history, market potential, product quality, etc.
    Our overall objective is to mitigate the risk for investors and traders at a time when ICOs can reach several million dollars in fiat and where it is especially difficult to distinguish trustworthy projects from the rest.
  • Will it be possible to trade cryptocurrencies with financial products such as CFDs or futures at
    This is not planned at the moment.
  • The words “decentralized” or “semi-decentralized” are appearing on certain exchanges. Is it for the marketing effect or does it actually have a function? How will position itself on this topic? will offer decentralized settlement as an option using advanced “atomic swap” type protocols, enabling users to keep control of their coins.
    Decentralized settlement means non-custodial trades will be executed where the parties first escrow their coins, and then receive their payout in the selected cryptocurrency. When this option is activated for a trade, the crypto exchange platform does not act as a custodian but rather facilitates and matches trades through its public order book.
  • What is the token used for?
    Holders of the BCIO token can benefit from discounts on all platform fees (trading, lending, token listings, ICO execution, etc).
    In addition, token holders will be able to influence the platform roadmap through polls and surveys that are conducted for additional features and functionalities, token listing, buyback program, etc.
    Finally, we will engage with our community through regular rewards and will ensure special perks and rewards are provided to all token holders.
  • Where can I get BCIO after the ICO?
    As the token will be distributed directly into accounts on the exchange, anyone claiming to have BCIO tokens prior to the ICO is lying or attempting fraudulent behavior.
    When the ERC20 contract is deployed and unlocked, you will be able to transfer them throughout the Ethereum network.
    We are in close relationships with wallet providers to ensure only our official BCIO token are listed through their wallets.
  • Have you considered migrating BCIO to another blockchain?
    For now it will be an ERC20 token but we are monitoring new protocols in case better alternatives appear.
  • What is the future of the BCIO token?
    For now the token will operate as a utility token. We want to eventually become a security token to distribute dividends, and we will be able to do this as soon as we get the MTF license in the EU.
  • Do you have any partnerships?
    We have partnerships with multiple entities such as investment banks, communication agencies, decentralized protocols, engineering firms, R&D teams, and market makers (with professional traders).
  • When can I use the decentralized settlement feature?
    This feature is planned for Q2 2019.
  • When will margin trading and peer-to-peer lending be available?
    It's planned for 2019.
  • How do you plan to bring liquidity to margin trading?
    By using specific order books based on lending interest rates that are fuelled by margin trading other pairs.
  • Can you tell me more about the decentralized settlement?
    Trades will be executed cross chain using atomic swaps for decentralized settlement. You will only need to choose the decentralized settlement option when you make a trade for this to occur.
  • Where does the liquidity for decentralized settlements come from?
    When you choose this option, your order will be matched against a centralized order book so there won't be any liquidity issues, as the centralized order book provides the liquidity.
  • Will an API be available?
    There will be a rest API on launch, and a FIX API and websockets to be made available later.
  • What do you hope from regulation?
    We are great supporters of the regulatory initiatives of the French government and the AMF, whom we meet with regularly. Appropriate regulations will attract greater institutional investment into the ecosystem. Our ICO services also target institutions and large corporations that are required to be compliant under regulations.
  • Do you have a partnership with the French government?
    We have a close relationship with Government Deputy, M. Pierre Person. We participated in the last Blockchain Forum on regulation and are also on the shortlist of French companies to obtain an official ICO visa license from AMF.
  • What about global regulation?
    Our goal is to become a trusted trading hub in Europe and beyond, this is why the future plan is to apply for an MTF license to be able to trade securities throughout Europe.
  • What are your advantages against other major exchanges?
    First, Paymium is the only marketplace in France. Second, has more competitors globally however we will adopt a compliant & regulation-ready stance that we believe will drive further investment from institutions and traditional finance.
  • But what about competition from established exchanges?
    The main differentiator is the fact that we will have a proprietary token which acts as a strong marketing incentive to create a large user base.
  • Is open to all customers?
    Yes, except if your country is a part of the blacklisted countries within Europe. Our goal is to become a leader within the European market, once this is accomplished, we will focus on the wider global market.
  • Do you already have ICOs waiting to be listed on
    We have received a number of listing requests already and should start listing third party ERC20 tokens in December. We are also connected to ICO consulting firms with a steady deal flow of promising ICO projects.
  • What kind of token assets will be listed?
    Different classes of token assets will be listed on our platform as we build the Internet of Value into the vision we see it becoming.

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