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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is is a new trading platform for cryptocurrencies and ICO tokens. will also provide advisory services to companies launching ICOs.
  • Who is Pierre Noizat, founder and CEO of
    The founder of is Pierre Noizat. Pioneer of the bitcoin protocol in France, Pierre has worked on cryptography-related projects since the 90s, notably with DirecTV, Canal+ and Orange, and founded Paymium, a euro/bitcoin exchange platform, in 2011. He also co-founded the Association Bitcoin France and has penned numerous books on cryptocurrencies and blockchain. He’s been a speaker at the Bitcoin SuperConference in Dallas, at the Bitcoin Conferences in San José and Amsterdam, and at Vivatech in Paris.
  • What got Pierre Noizat interested in blockchain?
    Professionally involved in cryptography as an engineer since 1992 through pay television projects in the USA with DirecTV and in Europe with RTL, Canal+, it was only natural that Pierre Noizat would later become passionate in blockchain, which uses cryptographic technology. He also launched one of the first bitcoin exchanges in the world in 2011.
  • What is Paymium?
    Paymium is the first European platform for buying and selling bitcoins, offering a service fully-compliant with European regulations. Paymium makes it possible to keep bitcoins in a fully-secured environment, swap them for euros and transfer them to other media anywhere in the world. Paymium also offers a trading interface for its most advanced users. Currently, Paymium has 170,000 registered on its marketplace.
  • Which investors have placed their trust in Paymium?
    Since its inception, Paymium has raised two million euros from the investment fund run by Xavier Niel (Kima Ventures), Newfund, Galitt, BPI France and a group of angels investors to support its development in Europe and strengthen its R&D investments.
  • What will be the difference between Paymium and is dedicated to the exchange of cryptocurrencies while Paymium offers the opportunity to exchange bitcoins for fiat currencies (EURO for the time being soon to be followed by USD, JPY and others).
  • Why not list only "altcoin" pairs on Paymium?
    Paymium is currently regulated in Europe to hold accounts in euros, in contrast to We can thus register new customers on with more flexible and more modern processes than those imposed by the traditional banking system.
    Paymium is currently regulated in Europe to hold accounts in euros, in contrast to We can thus register new customers on with more flexible and more modern processes than those imposed by the traditional banking system.
    For example, accounts can be opened on with just an ID and a selfie whereas for the bank requires proof of address less than three months old.
  • Exchanges have widely differing policies on the addition of altcoins to their platforms. What will yours be?
    We will apply simple criteria to determine which coins to prioritize in our listing. These will include such factors as customer opinions, the support of a strong team of developers and the availability of reliable wallets. Coins that might pose a security problem for customers or for the platform will be excluded.
  • Which currencies can be exchanged on Paymium?
    Until now, Paymium has focused on the European market and thus on EUR/BTC exchange. New currencies will very soon be available for exchange against Bitcoin: dollars, yen, etc.
  • Will there be transfers between Paymium and
    Yes, funds (bitcoins) can be transferred between the two platforms without fees!
  • Why choose
    In today's crypto market, there is a place for everyone. The market is still in its infancy and full of potential to grow, with room for competing exchanges.

    The main reason to choose is that Paymium has the best security track record of all crypto-exchange platforms. Paymium has been hack-free since 2013. This security will be available to investors trading on
  • Which crypto-currencies can be exchanged on
    Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Ripple, other altcoins and tokens.
  • Will it also be possible to exchange tokens?
    Yes. will select serious, sound and reliable projects and list their tokens on the platform. Following a successful ICO campaign on, the tokens will be listed on the platform. The listing will guarantee the liquidity of the tokens for the project’s sponsors and investors.
  • How will ICOs be selected for token listing?
    ICO projects will be preselected by staff and approved by vote by BCIO token-holders based on the following criteria: Legal compliance of the project, team background and experience, company history, market potential, product quality, etc. will structure the entire operation for the customer.
  • will provide token listing services. How will they be selected and listed?
    Following a successful ICO campaign at, a token will be listed on the exchange. Other tokens applying for listing will be subject to a rigorous selection process run by the expert team which reserves the right to refuse candidates. Our overall objective remains to mitigate the risk for investors at a time when ICOs can reach several millions in fiat and when it is difficult to distinguish trustworthy projects from the rest.
  • Will it be possible to trade cryptocurrency with financial products such as CFDs or futures at
    This is not planned at this time.
  • Gradually, the words “decentralized” or “semi-decentralized” are appearing on certain exchanges. Is it for the – marketing effect - or does it actually have a function? How will position itself on this topic? will offer decentralized settlement as an option using advanced “atomic swap”-type protocols, enabling users to keep control of their coins. Decentralized settlement means non-custodial trade execution where the parties first escrow their coins then receive their payout in the selected cryptocurrency. When this option is activated for a trade, the crypto exchange platform does not act as a custodian but rather facilitates matches through its public order book.

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