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Service is back to normal and more robust than ever!

The cryptocurrency exchange of trust for individual and institutional traders and investors.

► 1. Creating deposit addresses is available again.
► 2. Your BAT, BCIO, DAI, ETH and UCO deposit addresses may have changed.

On Friday, August 21, the team of was forced to take urgent measures to respond to the sudden rise in transaction costs on the Ethereum blockchain. This event occurred precisely after the successful launch of the UCO Token, which is in great demand.

Our team left no stone unturned to restore the service.

You now have only one deposit address for all your cryptocurrencies running on the Ethereum blockchain.

All your cryptocurrency wallets running on the Ethereum blockchain (BAT, BCIO, DAI, ETH and UCO) now have a unique deposit address. When you'll receive funds at this unique address, our platform will automatically transfer them to the appropriate wallet.

• If you owned several wallets running on the Ethereum blockchain (example: one ETH wallet and one UCO wallet):
→ A new unique Ethereum blockchain deposit address has been given to you. Your previous deposit addresses are invalid. Please, make sure that you don’t send funds to your previous deposit addresses.

• If you owned only one wallet running on the Ethereum blockchain (example: only one BCIO wallet):
→ Your deposit address doesn’t change. It now becomes your unique Ethereum blockchain deposit address.

• If you wish to create an account on or generate your first Ethereum wallet:
→ Registration is open again. You have access to the creation of all wallets.

Your BCH, BTC and LTC wallets keep their unique deposit addresses because they are running on their own blockchains.

We have learned from this experience so that this situation will not happen again.

After days of hard work, our team came up with a few solutions that can limit the impact of the Ethereum blockchain on our business model. In simple terms, we are now able to allocate wallets in any circumstances, whatever the cost of gas for Ethereum transaction.

UCO Token withdrawal fees are now re-evaluated three times a week, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Our transaction fees (buy/sell) are unchanged and remain the lowest on the market. Learn more about our fees.

Your funds are safe.

All your funds are perfectly safe. Security is not affected in any aspect by the situation described above.

More than ever, we thank you all for your support, especially the Uniris community.

As a French partner, we are committed to bring our greatest attention and privileged support to local projects.You can rely on our full commitment, today as always for the last 10 years.

For assistance, please contact our support team.

The Team

The cryptocurrency exchange of trust for individual and institutional traders and investors.

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