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BCIO Survey #1 – Final Results

The cryptocurrency exchange of trust for individual and institutional traders and investors.

Dear investors & community members,

Final results of our survey are in! We thank all respondents for taking the time to answer these questions about future listings and features on

Here is the breakdown of BCIO survey respondents:

For each question, we will show the unweighted responses (1 answer = 1 point) and the BCIO-weighted responses (1 BCIO = 1 point).

Here are your answers to the #1 BCIO community survey:

The next two tokens to be listed on will be 0x and OMG. HOT will be migrating to its own blockchain soon, we will not list it for now.

XRP, XLM and EOS integration requires more technical development but will be listed as you requested at a later stage.

Out of this list, we believe that the DAI is the only truly decentralized stablecoin, allowing users to exchange value without asking for permission and/or whitelisting. DAI value proposition is the closest to our vision of the Internet of Value, this is why we chose to list it.

It is clear that Advanced Orders are a must-have for most of respondents. Margin trading is also our top priority. Surprisingly, Decentralized Settlement is not a top-pick for ICO investors (ranked 8th) when it is for regular community members (ranked 3th). This feature will be push down the roadmap.

BCIO “hodlers” will always have the final say on regular community members!

If you want to check in-depth BCIO Community Survey Results, follow this link:

Trade On!

*Note that unweighted answers are ratio’ed based on total unique answers per question (total > 100%) when BCIO-weighted answers are ratio’ed based on total BCIO involved in the poll (total = 100%).

The cryptocurrency exchange of trust for individual and institutional traders and investors.

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