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2FA – A Secure and Necessary Must-Have


The exchange of trust for individual and institutional traders and investors.

There are loads of sophisticated scam methods that still operate successfully. It is then important to secure every account, site or database your datas will pass through. One of the first relatively simple safeguards you can implement is a two factor authentication.

What is a 2FA system ?

A “two factor authentication” system (2FA) is a tool which maximizes your account security. It is used as a method to confirm a user’s identity in a better way than just using a username and a password. It creates an extra layer of protection, where the user needs to provide an additional information to access the service or the account.

The common authentication method to identify on any web site or digital service is based on a single knowledge factor, something you know, a password. A 2FA method, as the name indicates it, is based on 2 authentication factors. When logging in, after you have filled your password, you will be ask for an additional information:
- another knowledge data, ex: a personal answer to a question.
- a possessed data, ex: an id card or a unique and temporary code generated by a smartphone app
- an intrinsic data (biometric authentication), ex: a fingerprint, an iris scan or voice print.

Authy and Google Authenticator are two examples of 2FA software available on both computer and phone. Both work on a possessed data authentication: a six-digit code is generated and renewed every 30 seconds. The short-live of the information required makes it much more secure and difficult to attack. Compares to the SMS-based 2FA (when you receive a confirmation code via sms), these app provide a higher level of security as it eliminates the possibility of an SMS-based attack or SIM swapping attack.

To set up a 2FA on Paymium go to the FAQ page and all the process is explained in the "Security and 2FA" section.

The 2 following videos explain the set up for

How to set up a 2FA on mobile ? Simple and precise

And how to set up a 2FA on desktop ? Clear and explicit

Links toward Authy and Google Authenticator:
Authy: Download here
Google Authenticator: Download here


The exchange of trust for individual and institutional traders and investors.

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